Company Profile

“Our professional traders come from the world's top banks and hedge funds, with the core philosophy of integrity, transparency and competitiveness.”

Morebroker Financial is a foreign exchange brokerage company with a wide range of business experiences, a global market leader with decades of experience, and a forex platform set up by a group of highly experienced financial market professionals, including buyers and sellers.   These professionals bring valuable experience including sales, trading, business, legal compliance, the company's core philosophy is integrity and reliability, transparent security and strong competitiveness. There is no transaction background and any form of transaction intervention between the customer and the market.

Founded in 2009, Morebroker Financial's mission is to provide personalized, award-winning professional services, high quality transaction execution and transparency to help customers improve the value of their personal portfolios and seek long-term wealth creation.

Our sustainable business model helps customers achieve their trading goals. In order to give our customers more choice, we provide more than 70 kinds of global major trading products, foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil and stock index trading financial products.   These products are traded through the market-leading METATRADER4 platform.

We offer institutional-level quotes and deep liquidity, all through our superior price aggregation engine true FX filter, with more than 20 liquidity providers from the world's top investment banks and hedge funds. So we have the best spreads price and the market depth, and can reduce our customer's transaction cost, provides the better quotation and the transaction execution. We continue to strive for excellence at the technical level, and strive to provide customers with the best trading environment.

In the British legal requirements, morebroker financial for more FINANCE Capital LIMITED registered business name, more FINANCE Holdings LIMITED Capital of the ASIC license No. 11086513, all guest funds are stored in the UK credit AA-level Bank of England West Bank's escrow account, meet stringent additional requirements and standards to ensure that customer funds are the highest level of protection.

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